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Opening a skating rink and lounge has been the goal of Kendria Holmes since 2016.  At the time she felt that the Charlotte-Metro Area lacked  in the areas of adult and millennial entertainment.  With skating resurfacing as an enjoyable pastime for adults and children alike her goal was to create the perfect environment that encompassed the two. 

Kendria met Brandi Fox in the City Start Up labs incubator program in 2017.  Brandi loved the energy of Kendria and her roller rink and lounge idea, but ultimately the two didn’t connect until 3 years later, through what most would call fate!

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Fast forward to Aug 2020, Sh’niqua Ussery and Brandi who were already mutual friends, connected over the idea of starting a skating rink.  Sh’niqua felt that it would be a great idea and something that could prosper in Charlotte.  Remembering Kendria’s idea from the City Start Up labs incubator program, Brandi reconnected with Kendria about the idea and setting a group meeting. 

September 2020: Divine Intervention took place and the Rollin’ Clt dream team was created.  With the perfect blend of diverse personalities Kendria, Brandi, and Sh’niqua started Rollin’ Clt as an outdoor skating rink.  With the Rollin’ Clt brick and mortar  scheduled to launch Fall 2023! Subscribe to stay in the know!


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