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The goal of Rollin' Homies is to cultivate an alternative education model that provides financial literacy skills as well as promotes self awareness, community, and physical fitness as a means of advocacy to help prevent gang affiliation and teen violence within the state of NC. The Rollin' Homies learning curriculum includes skate lessons and skate groups to promote physical health, and wealth building knowledge, money management, and entrepreneurial skills through financial technology.  

Rollin' Homies will be the bridge closing the gap between financial literacy and fun by providing school age children ages 10-17 with the education of business principles including entrepreneurship, trading and investing, life skills development, and financial literacy.

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Courtney Heikkila

Rollin' Homies

Community Coordinator

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Cost $20per session
 Includes one learning session based on our 5 Pillars of Success (60 minutes) and Rollin' Lessons Classes (60 minutes)

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By partnering with local businesses and organizations throughout the state of NC we are creating a community of support to Through the Rollin' Homies signature learning program "Rollin' Thru Life" we will guide our participants through the interactive world of finances and entrepreneurship by combining online virtual lessons and fintech applications that cover our 5 pillars of learning including:


Financial Literacy

With the inclusion of some of FinTech's top financial literacy apps for children, they will learn the importance of saving, budgeting, and credit card education.



You are never too young to learn how to make your money work for you.  Through our virtually simulated stock market, students will learn the elements of the investment diversification.

Life Skills

Skills that are necessary are desirable for full participation in everyday life.



Through the creativity of creating your own business, children will have the ability to create their own business and learn the foundational management and leadership skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Skate Lessons

Studies show that gang intervention programs, especially physical ones are great for promoting unity around a positive relatable activity.  With skating being one of the top past times in the country now, we will utilize the fun of skating as an opportunity to promote group mentorship

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By supporting Rollin' Homies with your monetary or in-kind donations, you are opening the door to infinite growth opportunities for potential at risk youth. 


 Your support allows us to cover the cost of our Rollin' Homie events, hire professional experts in each area of the program that can provide knowledge, experience, and passion in their assigned curriculum. 

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Supporting our brick and mortar expansion FALL 2024. We are looking to create a home for Rollin' Homies with top of the line hands on technology that will allow children to experience interactive financial and entrepreneurship knowledge through our Rollin' Homies afterschool and summer camp program. 


Helping us secure funds to create our own Rollin' Homies FinTech app that allows kids to save, spend, and virtually invest during and after the completion of the Rollin' Homies curriculum.

FinTech and entrepreneurship are two of the fastest growing sectors in the US. 

The global pandemic has made it clear that multiple streams of income is now a necessity and no longer a luxury. 



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